Anolyte ANK – Envirolyte

Anolyte ANK – Envirolyte

The GREEN solution for the Legionellosis counter – attack

Anolyte-ANK ™ is an aqueous, metastable solution obtained through an electrolytic process.

ANOLYTE-ANK ™ produced by our systems has an active chlorine content from 500 mg/l to 2000 mg/l depending on the electrolytic cell used.

The ANOLYTE-ANK ™ disinfectant acts directly on the biofilm inside plumbings, eliminating it from the first weeks of work. The elimination of the biofilm automatically reduces the re-proliferation of microorganisms and therefore the recontamination of the water being treated.
Our solution is adaptable to every need and sector: hospital, domestic and industrial.


  1. Dairy production and processing
  2. Processing of meat, fish and poultry
  3. On-site cleaning for food and beverage processing
  4. Agricultural production and processing
  5. Livestock industry
  6. Disinfections of drinking water and waste water treatments
  7. Treatment of ballast water
  8. Aquaculture
  9. Health and medicine
  10. Oil industry
  11. Cooling towers and cooling water treatment
  12. Disinfection of swimming pool water (“Primary Market”)

Envirolyte  – ELA-200 generator
Our generators produce 20 l/h to 4,000 l/h Anolyte ANK with 500 mg/l active chlorine.

Medical Devices Group s.r.l. is a distributor of Envirolyte for Italy and San Marino.

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